Hi Chuck,

Dear Chuck,

Thank you so much for all the information you gave us in class. I learned more from you in 4 weeks than in all my years of taking and printing (b/w) photos. I particularly appreciated your generous feedback on my depth of field images. 
I look forward to your next class.


Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say how much I enjoyed your class. I learned quite a lot and appreciated the class involvement. Your material was well covered, well paced, and valuable. I’m looking forward to more.

Thanks, Steve Lewis

Chuck Place is a very patient and understanding person who helped me in creating a blog. 
I was not very confident in my ability to be a blogger but after spending time with Chuck I walked away with a wealth of knowledge. 
Chuck took me step by step through the process of creating a blog, answered all questions and was very responsive to my inquiries. 
He made me feel very comfortable and self assured and I would utilize his services again.
I highly recommend him.
Gina Bell
  I just wanted to say thank you for a very informative and stimulating class. I learned a lot and enjoyed hearing about your experiences.  Using your own photos make the class interesting and you were responsive to all  questions.  While I find myself using my IPhone 12 more and more, the lessons on composition, light, depth of field etc were very helpful.
 Thank again and take care!
  Lynn Altschul

Thanks again Chuck for a fun class – I particularly appreciated the new ways you gave us to think about post-production processing, as well as the many technical and composition tips. These were 5 Saturdays very well spent!

Kathy McGill

Dear Chuck,

I thoroughly enjoyed the two travel photography workshops you taught and feel that I added new skills though the informative lectures, work in the field and in the lab.  In the fieldwork I was especially interested in learning the art of the night shoot. In terms of the lab work, I am grateful that you introduced me to Lightroom and helped me to learn how to organize my files and to enhance the images. In addition, I enjoyed the interaction with other workshop photographers during the classes and breaks for meals.  I look forward to taking more workshops.

Thank you again, Kerry

Thanks for all the feedback. Enjoyed the class very much. Would like to take it again the next time you offer it.   Ron Giannetti

Thanks Chuck,

I really enjoyed the class. It is so valuable to shoot on location with a Pro like you.

Sincerely, Joani Radditz

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